Prevent Damage With Mouth Guards From All About Dentistry

There are many situations and activities in life that pose a risk to dental health, with many contact sports requiring mouthguards to avoid damage or chipping teeth. For these situations, it’s important that you have a mouthguard that is suited to your smile, which is why it’s best to work with an experienced dentist for your customised mouthguard.


What Are Mouthguards Used For?

Mouthguards help by cushioning blows that might cause broken teeth and injuries to the face, jaw, lips or tongue. Hence mouthguards are widely used in sports, particularly in football, boxing, field hockey, ice hockey etc. This customised fabricated mouthguard should be stable, comfortable, allow talk and not cause choking or drop off. Different sports may require different mouthguards. Talk to our dentist to discuss your mouthguard protection.


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As a leading dentist in Balwyn North, All About Dentistry offers an expansive range of major and minor dental procedures, including mouthguards suited to your mouth. So, book an appointment with us today, and protect your smile with the professionals.

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