Crowns protect heavily restored teeth and prevent further fracturing; crown fully covers part of the natural tooth lying above the gum line. There are many deferent materials, porcelain, metal like gold, metal alloy or a combination of these.

A crown may be necessary:

  • A tooth has had root canal therapy
  • Tooth consisting of more than half filling material
  • A fractured tooth
  • Cosmetic reason, tooth that appeared ugly due to wear or discoloration etc.

Crown installation required 2 visits, and a laboratory technician is involved in the process. These are all custom-made restoration to protect/restore your nature teeth. Our dentists only use the high quality material to give you the best result as possible.

The Most Qualified Doctors

Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly team members, the team endeavour for our patients to gain a complete understanding of their oral condition.

Dr. Jun Jiang

Registered Dentist

M.I.P.H ( Syd Uni)


Member of Australian Dental Association

Fellow of International Congress of Implantologist

Member of International Team of Implantology

Member of Australian Institute of Medical Scientist

Dr. Jack Lu

Registered Dentist

B.D.S (Otago Uni)

Member of Australian Dental Association

Member of NZ Dental Association

Dr. Chunxiang Fan

Registered Dentist

Member of Australian Dental Association

A.D.Cert (Melbourne)

Dr. Ying Tao

Registered Dentist

B-BMED (Melb)

DDS (Melb)

Dr. Kalisa Zhe Yu

Registered Dentist

D.M. D. University of Sydney

Member of Australian Dental Association