Have you ever been concerned about the way your teeth look when you smile? Have you been thinking about getting orthodontic treatment but worried about how you will look and feel with braces on? Well with clear aligners, you can achieve that perfect smile without having to wear braces! Clear teeth aligners have been a popular choice with those who want more control over their dental realignment journey, offering an effective tooth-straightening solution that is practically invisible.

What are Clear Dental Aligners?

Clear aligners are a revolutionary form of orthodontic treatment providing an alternative way for people to achieve straighter and more aligned teeth without the need for braces. In contrast to traditional braces, which rely on placing fixed brackets and wires that can be a less appealing option for some patients, this method revolves around using a series of clear (almost invisible) aligners that are custom-made to gradually shift teeth into a more desirable position.

Advantages of Clear Teeth Aligners Over Traditional Dental Braces

The main advantage of clear aligners like Invisalign®, Angelalign® and SureSmile® is their discreet design, making them an obvious choice for those concerned about appearance. Not only are these aligners more aesthetically appealing but they can also be more comfortable to wear. A common cause of discomfort with braces is lip or cheek irritation due to constant rubbing against the bracket/wires, clear aligners avoid this issue entirely. If you are seeking a straighter and more confident smile without the noticeable presence of traditional braces, then aligners might be for you.

What Clear Dental Aligner Options Do We Offer?

We currently provide for three of the leading brands in the clear alignment industry: Invisalign®, Angelalign® and SureSmile®

How Clear Dental Aligners Work & What to Expect

Consultation and dental treatment planning:

The initial consultation is an important step in the process, it is essential that we discuss what your concerns are and the expectations that you aim to achieve with orthodontic treatment. A thorough examination will need to be completed and any dental issues must be addressed prior to orthodontic treatment. From there, an initial treatment plan is made to outline the necessary adjustments needed for an enhanced smile. It is important to note that not all misalignments can be fixed with clear aligners alone, more complex cases may need a referral to an orthodontic specialist for evaluation and/or treatment.

3D Scanning and designing of aligners:

With advancements in technology, we can use 3D digital scanning devices to create an incredibly accurate digital model of your teeth. No need to take messy and uncomfortable moulds with putty anymore! These models are then analysed and manipulated to virtually visualise the ideal position of movement of teeth throughout treatment. Once the ideal position has been decided, the computer will use complex algorithms to generate a series of individualised aligners whilst also providing an accurate visual representation of the predicted movement of teeth between each aligner. Once confirmed, these aligners are then made using 3D printing technology to create highly accurate aligners.

Gentle forces to induce gradual tooth movement:

Tooth movement is a slow and gradual process that is best done under sustained light forces. Each aligner is designed to apply controlled and precise forces on specific teeth to gradually shift their position. When progressing to each successive aligner, you may notice initial tightness and soreness for the first few days, which is unfortunately unavoidable. Although the aligners should be worn for as long as possible, you are able to take them out to eat or drink, as well as when brushing and flossing your teeth.

Regular dental check-ups:

To ensure that everything is going according to plan, regular check-ups are necessary. Any concerns or issues can be addressed during the check-ups. Adjustments to the treatment plan may be needed if there are any unexpected or unforeseen factors that may impact treatment.

Completion and retention of dental alignment:

Upon completion and achievement of your desired smile, we highly recommend wearing a retainer long-term to keep your teeth in their newly aligned position. The fibres that hold your teeth in position are still remodelling and are prone to pulling teeth back into their old position. Even after remodelling, teeth are constantly under many pressures throughout the day. These pressures can slowly move the teeth out of their post-treatment position and spoil the time, effort and money spent to correct them in the first place.

Are Invisalign®, Angelalign® and SureSmile® Clear Aligners Safe?

When supervised by a dental or orthodontic professional, clear aligners are a safe way to realign teeth. With that said, not all dental treatments are going to be the same, and most orthodontic specialists will often dissuade patients from the unsupervised clear dental aligner options on the market. This is because any large changes to your mouth can impact your overall oral health, so it’s important to have your progress overseen by a professional in case issues do arise.

This is also why we specifically offer Invisalign®, Angelalign® and SureSmile® as our three clear teeth aligner options, as they have shown to offer strong, reliable results for patients.

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